Aboriginal Arts

We are passionate about authentic Aboriginal art, culture and artefacts.

We are focused on delivering the highest honesty, integrity and respect in all our buying and selling transactions.

Aboriginal Arts

If you have any questions, you would like to purchase any of our items, or you are looking for something really special, please contact us.

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(Some Aboriginal viewers may find cetain ceremonial items culturally sensitive and inappropriate)

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Didgeridoo Player & Aboriginal Art Workshops for Schools & Colleges

If you require an experienced didgeridoo player for your event, please contact us.

We also hold a current CRB certificate for teaching children.

Corporate Training

Learning to play the didgeridoo together in a group can be a powerful catalyst for team building.

Our training will stimulate fresh and creative ideas, sharpen listening skills, inspire innovative communication and boost confidence.

Fun and rewarding -
Get your group playing as a team whilst expressing their individual creativity!

No previous musical experience required!

Contact us for more information about our flexible programs.