Markus Meurer AIRtist didgeridoo CD

Markus Meurer
Aron Szilagyi

- Didgeridoo
- Jaw Harp
- Beatboxer
Aron Szilagyi and Markus Meurer performed together on a Jam at the annual Didgeridoo festival Israel 2006 with Innon, a beatboxer. They got a few hundred people dancing after seconds and decided to go on with this project. Aron asked the beatbox-master Dömé to join them and thus the 3 members of AIRtist met in a studio in Kecskemét, Hungary in March 2007 and recorded their first demosongs. AIRtist plays handmade Goadancetrance upbeats. The idea behind this project is a modern way of playing three ancient "instruments" (jew's harp, didgeridoo and beatbox) without making use of any computer-effects, samples or loops.
" Every sound you hear from AIRtist is handmade, organic and AIR.


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