Frank Heinkel

"What Remains when Everything Goes "

Frank Heinkel CD
Frank is a true artist in the full sense of the word and this highly evocative CD is bursting with dynamic didgeridoo rhythms, twinkling Tuvan throat singing and growly Gyoto monk-like chanting. The 12 tracks are bound to take you on your own inner journey...

BIO:"The sound of a didgeridoo found me in 1995 when I heard it for about 10 seconds on the kitchen radio. Its blend of simplicity, richness, and purity captivated me.

I've had the good fortune to make music in the streets for the last ten years and I've discovered that my beliefs about life and music have changed as a result.

In the beginning, I had a model in my head of what a didgeridoo should sound like and I struggled to play the "right" way. Later, I discovered that as I focused my efforts on being "right" I neglected my own creativity and discounted other modes of expression and being. As a result, I started to hold my beliefs more loosely and left space for other ideas to show up. I've noticed that the less effort I use and the more authentic I am, and the more I play from the heart instead of the head the simpler it is for other people to be just as they are regardless of age, gender, culture, or class.

The didge introduced me the importance of simplicity and authenticity. It's difficult to hide your true self in music just as it is difficult to hide yourself from life. Struggling with and hiding from life are things we bring upon ourselves mainly due to our own way of thinking

The world is not something outside, it's very close, it's within each of us and what we call 'truth' is nothing than just our very own truth - our perspective.

This journey of simplicity continues to teach me that if we learn to trust ourselves and feel our feelings something truly magical happens: spontaneity, love, and inner peace. We don't have to train our will to be ourselves, to be is just enough. Simply being, without judgement, affords others the opportunity to do the same.

Get quiet. Listen. Feel. Trust.

For me, making music is a magical dance of give and take, of leaving space and melting together.

I don't know if my style is "right", but it feels great!"



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