Mulka Project Yolngu Manikay Aboriginal CDs

Yilpara Manikay CD
Dhalinbuy Manikay CD
Gurumuru Manikay CD
Manikay from Yilpara

Songmen: Djambara Marawili, Yiniwuy Marawili, Mirrarra Marawili, Ditjpal Marawili

Yidaki : Wulu Marawili

Madarrpa Clan

92 tracks
Manikay from Dhalinybuy to the sea

Songmen: Binydjarrpuma, Galdalminy Munyarryun

Yidaki : Dhambutjawa Burrarrwanga, Mirrwatgna Munyarryun, Djunbiya Marika

Wangurri Clan

91 tracks
Manikay from Gurrumuru

Songmen: Warralka Wunungurra, Yumutjin Wunungurra

Yidaki : Wambuna Wunungurra

Dhalwangu Clan

66 tracks

The manikay comes from Gurrumuru, Yilpara and Dhalinybuy outstation communities, north east Arnhemland. These are high quality field recordings made in the communities and are songs that have just been released for public listening. Also included in the Dhalinybuy CD are several older field recordings from 1952.

The Official Press Release
"The Mulka Project is pleased to announce the release of 3 new manikay CDs from Yolngu communities in north east Arnhemland. These are quality field recordings made at the remote Yolngu homeland communities of Dhalinybuy, Yilpara and Gurrumuru. 
The release of these recordings is significant as it is the first time manikay from these communities has been made commercially available to the general public. Each title contains manikay specific to each clan, recorded as a song cycle. The manikay styles vary considerably between each recording and give a good insight into the stylistic differences and similarities between various Yolngu clan manikay. 
Whenever possible, the recordings have been edited so that each start and stop within the song cycle is an individual track. This gives the listener the freedom to move through the complete recording as they like whilst retaining the flow of the song cycle. The cds have been mixed with the yidaki levels fairly high, so that yidaki players can hear the textures of the sound easily. The recordings capture the atmosphere of each homeland and give an authentic sense of place.
More releases are being planned and we hope to have all of the Yolngu outstation communities represented in the future."

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