The Message Stick DVD
'A Totem of Peace'

Message Stick DVD

"The Message Stick documentary is a travel / adventure journey like no other. After 10 years of traveling into the heart of the harsh Outback of Australia. 3 young people discover love, culture, bush medicine and the mystical powers of the traditional and modern Aboriginal way of life.

This extraordinary documentary began in a 1961 Ex-Army Ambulance which was first built for the Vietnam WAR, now re-painted as a Totem of PEACE and enacts a 50,000 year old Aboriginal tradition in our modern world.

The Message Stick Vehicle was painted by over 200 Aboriginal Artist and has been transformed and recognized as a totemic symbol of Unity and Peace endorsed by Nelson Mandela and Gough Whitlam (Former Prime Minister of Australia).

Come and explore the rugged Australian outback in the front seat of ‘The Message Stick’ vehicle and discover an ancient culture and its strength and determination to preserve and share their endurance with us all."

Directed by: Michael Butler, Produced by: Michael Butler & Samantha Martin and Narrated by: Hugo Weaving (Matrix, Lord of the Rings) and Jack Thompson.

54 mins

Movie - (large clip, best with fast connection)


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