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- Matthias Müller -

Didgeridoo Workshop '

Saturday 22nd January 2011
1pm - 4pm


Matthias Muller didgeridoo

Workshop includes:

- Trumpet sounds and their variability
- Guttural technique and multiple playing
- Dynamic playing
- Ideal combination of circular breathing and rhythm
- Phrases as building blocks for musical pieces
- Finding the character of an instrument & releasing its sound accordingly

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"After years of playing with groups, it’s time to return to the didgeridoo itself. I strive for an authentic interpretation as well as to transfer this ancient and traditional instrument of the indigenous Australian people to our day and age. Primal rhythms and sound patterns are combined with very individual, modern elements. The combination with present day sounds demonstrates the complexity and potential of the music of the didgeridoo. Earthy and grounded as well as light and airy sounds are woven to a profound acoustic experience. It’s important to me to demonstrate the instrument’s vast spectrum of possibilities, whose potential is yet to be fully realized.

The didgeridoo, one of the world’s oldest instruments, is very present in today’s various sounds and styles. Old and new compliment one another. In following traditional paths, today’s music continues to be enriched and enhanced, with new, dynamic impulses developed on the basis of historical and traditional knowledge.
Matthias Müller


Born in Liestal/Switzerland in 1972, of Swiss and French parents. Matthias grew up in Basel, graduated from business school and has worked as a musician since 1982.
As a teenager, Matthias began focusing on archaic traditional music and its history, with special interest in soundscape and experimental music, studying the didgeridoo long before the instrument became popular in Europe.

Since 1994, Matthias has made numerous study trips to Australia (Arnhemland). From 1997, he has been privileged as one of the few outsiders to study with the traditional masters Djalu Gurruwiwi and M. Mununggurr. Being close to and socially accepted by the clan, authentic knowledge is gained, unfiltered by western cultural views and interpretations.

Preservation archive
As part of his intense study of the Aboriginal culture, in 2000 Matthias created an archive (recordings of traditional music, film material, books) to make this information available to a broader public. The archive includes a large collection of historical and ritually important yidakis (didgeridoos), some of which were donated by Aborigines.

Empowerment of culture
Matthias supports the Mulka Project in Yirrkala (Yoingu Multimedia Archive & Production Centre). Through this project, the Mulka people are preserving their culture with modern digital media (www.yirrkala.com/mulka/index.html). The project offers meaningful occupation and empowerment of the Yirrkala community.

Performance and teaching
Since 1993 Matthias has performed at concerts and festivals in Switzerland and internationally. His work includes

  • solo and ensemble concerts, such as „Tribe of Sound“ (since 1998), „M & M“ (since 1999), „ensemble zero“ (since 2004)
  • projects as an interpreter and composer
  • teaching workshops at the Musikwerkstatt Basel
  • private lessons


  • Didgeridoo & Dreamtime Pipe“ (1994)
  • Passion (1997)
  • Signs (2009)


Yidaki a didgeridoo compilation (1997), jaxx records / Planetentöne Vol. 1, Ears of Eaden von Joachim E. Berendt (2001), Universal / Ensemble Zero – DuoLog (2005), Occam records / Ydaki Compilation Vol. 1 (2008), Associazione Culturale Yidaki  

See website for further details: www.didgeridoo-music.ch

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